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Changing out my sparkplugs...

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So  I've decided to take the plunge and change out the plugs on this Northstar beast...watched enough Youtubes that I got the picture on the back side issues, but, OF COURSE, want your valued suggestions and opinions. 

First issue will be to allow enough time...:)

What plugs do y'all recommend?  Never had to buy these fancy "laser iridium" plugs before...what's up with that?!!

 Brands and stuff, best source for plugs?

You guys are the best!


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I have to say NGK for the spark plugs, but, I'm sure there are as many opinions as there are people registered on this forum. Autozone, Napa, or .... where ever you like to shop.

GM uses Denso I think, which is Toyota owned but I'm not 100% sure on that one.

The Iridium is HARD, LONG lasting and it conducts electron flow very well, it also has a melting point of 2500 degrees Celcius which is 4500 degrees F ,  that's why it's 100,000 miles between changes.....


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All the plug choices I've made before were based on sale prices at the time.... Never had a brand loyalty, but I'm only changing them out on one or two vehicles on an as needed basis. That's why I asked here of all the gentlemen who do or have done this on a regular basis...I figure y'all would have strong opinions based on what you have seen in the trenches. A learned opinion is what I am seeking.

Since the Northstar layout makes it a more labor intensive job, and the price to upgrade to the Lasers is acceptable (considering the length of service), coupled with the fact that it is an elective surgery at this point, I'm going to seek out an online special, or source for the best price on the Laser Iridium plugs...I'm sure they aren't the plug that is in there now...so will R+R with LI's 

I've got a bunch of the past receipts for the car work that the previous owner did...and a few tuneups are there...

Can anyone give me a date that Laser Iridiums became "a thing"?

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Still mulling over the spark plug R+R that is imminent.

By the way, I've looked at some old receipts and it shows a 60K tune up at the old Vic Alfonso Cadillac dealership in Portland, Or. 

It's at 110K now.  I purchased it at 94K a little over a year ago.

Been Googling and have seen LOT'S of recommendations/comments on sparkplugs. A recurring thread has been one that I have seen often regarding replacing ANYTHING on the Cadillac. Basically,....stick with OEM. Don't be persuaded by "latest, greatest, shiniest" talk.

I am persuaded to do this in regards to my plugs because while the info regarding the Iridium and electrical stuff is great, the greatest factor I am considering is the length of service for the plugs. From what I've read, the Iridium is up to and probably passing 100k miles. Quite impressive, I thought, until I read that the OEM AC/Delco Double Platinum was also rated up to 100k....and it's OEM. This would satisfy both of the boxes I'm considering....and a few bucks cheaper, to boot. 

Speaking of boots, (nice segue, nohilow), I'll replace them, too. Any suggestions on ones to consider? Silicone or Rubber? I thought all heat and elect pieces and parts would have gravitated over to silicone, but looking at the boot info, it seems there are still rubber ones out there.

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