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ATS-V Pilot SS Tires

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I put new Michelin Pilot SS tires on the ATS-V.  They took a few days to arrive.  We picked out the -GM variant to try to get the exact specific tire designed for the V from Discount Tire's index, but I am left uncertain if that is the case or perhaps a slight variant intended for the Corvette or Camaro (!).  I did ask Michelin on a chat line how to tell -- they said "you will get the same performance from any variant". 

I like the staggered stance of the ATS-V, with 18" wheels all around, and 255/35-18 on the front and 275/35-18 on the rear.  That said, I think touring cars should have the same, omni-directional tire on all 4 in order to enable proper rotation and sparing.   Absolute performance is all well and good, but a Touring car should be designed for Touring -- meaning putting miles on it.  Although with modern tires flats are becoming far and few between, it happens.  Having a vehicle with no spare, and that takes days to get proper tires for certainly would be limiting if it does get a flat on the road.



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