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STS service suspension codes


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I bought cadillac seville sts 1998. But now when i start it says service suspension system. I read fault codes and i tried to remove them but it still gives these codes

RSS C1712 / Left Front Damper Actuator Open Circuit

RSS C1717 / Right Front Damper Actuator Open Circuit

RSS C1738 Exhaust Solenoid Valve Short to GND

I checked elc fuse and it is fine

What should i check next?

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 I bet someone changed out the front passive struts for standard struts and did not bypass the plugs for the struts.

I have a set somewhere that plugs into the strut plugs that trick the system into thinking it has the passive struts.

I opted to go with oe type struts though  so I didnt need them.

The dampeners are in the front struts toward the bottom and have a 2 pin plug to them.

The last code is likely a problem at the compressor. They were common to getting water in them and corroding the exhaust valve. Not a easy fix without swapping out the compressor. (trust me I have tried)

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The exhaust valve releases the air from the system when a load is removed and at the self test when the key is cycled.

A bad exhaust valve will cause a high riding rear end ,(unless the system is clogged or has leaks, then it will just leak out rather than exhausting)




Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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