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2010 SRX runs fine. No problems with transmission. Transmission fluid/filter has never been replaced. Made appointment with dealer for "transmission fluid flush". He was unsure as to whether or not my model had an accessible filter, but if a filter was discovered it would be replaced and I would receive a "transmission service"...not a "flush". I was warned that occasionally, transmission fluid service could result in shavings getting into places they weren't intended to be. I would like to enjoy this car for as long as possible (along with 0 car payment). Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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You didn't say your mileage, but 'flush' is not required.  Per the SRX manual First Engine Oil Change After Every 160000km/100,000Miles . Automatic transmission fluid change (normal service). See Automatic Transmission Fluid on page 9‑13

Ref: http://www.cadillac.com/content/dam/Cadillac/Global/master/nscwebsite/en/home/Owners/Manuals_and_Videos/01_images/2010_cadillac_srx_owners_manual.pdf


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Every vehicle I own from new gets trans fluid and filter changed out before 10,000 miles.  Then every 60,000 miles thereafter.  While GM has its ideas, I have my comfort zone to live in.  Let's see..... 45 years of vehicle ownership and never had a transmission failure.   Several vehicles taken well over 250,000 miles.    It really isn't a flush via a machine you want.   A complete fluid exchange via the cooler line is the way to go.  Does not force anything thru that could possibly damage trans.

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