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Cadillac's segment busting CT6 Sedan

Bruce Nunnally

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The look is American. The badge is American. Even the audio system is American. But make no mistake about it, this car is Chinese.

No, it’s not made in China. It’s made right in the good old US of A in a Detroit plant — Hamtramck — that was originally built by the Dodge brothers way back in 1910. Nonetheless, the CT6 is resolutely Chinese as in it was designed for, and will see its biggest market in, China.

Read more: http://driving.ca/cadillac/ct6/reviews/road-test/car-review-2016-cadillac-ct6


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Actually, the CT6 for the Chinese market IS built in China, and its softened-edges look is more Euro.  The Chinese would levy import taxes on it there, making it cost-prohibitive to ship from the US.  The new PHEV CT6 is also built there with small numbers to be exported, since GM expects the North American market to be weak for this car.  Kind of interesting how imbalanced the trade equation is, right?  (For now.)

Since its (delayed) introduction last Spring, CT6 US sales are and have been anemic, despite a robust advertising campaign.  Sales have yet to surpass the car it was intended to replace (the XTS.)  In fact, the XTS outsold it more than 2:1 in Nov '16.  Nearing the end of it's production life, the XTS has been slated for continued production and will undergo a major refresh.  I've read numerous posts from prospective owners who looked at both cars and chose the XTS due to it's more comfortable ride, (subjective) and lower price when fully-loaded. 

If Cadillac upgrades the XTS with the CT6 Night Vision option, (which owners seem to like) and a larger CUE scree like the one found in the CT6, it could pull even more sales away from the CT6. 

Major complaints with the CT6 are directed at its flaky 8-speed transmission and Stop/Start fuel-saving system, which has been on European cars for years.  Eventually, US drivers will get used to it, or someone will sell a bypass kit for cars that don't have that option.

The big sales for Cadillac are resting on its forthcoming smaller CUV/SUV models.  Luxury sedan sales are lackluster, especially with ATS/CTS.  The XT5 and Escalade are strong sellers, reflecting market trends.


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