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Marquee, Asphalt Commercials

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Los Angeles visual effects and design company A52 today detailed their role in handling visual effects for a pair of high-powered new Cadillac broadcast spots from chemistri in Detroit.  Directed by Daniel Barber via Rock Fight in Los Angeles, the first :30 entitled “Marquee” debuted earlier in Dec., and “Asphalt,” the second :30, premiered on Dec. 15.

Nice you can see one of the commercials at the link.

Filmed in various locations in downtown Dallas, both spots were crafted by Barber and Rock Paper Scissors editor JD Smyth to dramatically showcase the raw power and the fun of driving the new Cadillac STS.  In “Marquee,” a lucky driver races through the deserted city, approaching an illuminated marquee that reads, “Performance and luxury don’t mix.”  As the car speeds by, the sign’s light bulbs explode.  In “Asphalt,” the vehicle aggressively wends its way toward an “Only imports are fun to drive” painting on the ground, then does a power skid right across the words.


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