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My 95 STS is badly in need of new shocks and struts and I am trying to decide if the more expensive OE parts from GM Parts direct are worth the price or if the passive struts from Boston or Arnett are a better choice for the money. I also wanted to know what the difference if any between the rear OE shocks and the aftermarket shocks, since they both have the automatic level control. I know that this has been discussed before, but it was some time ago and I wanted to see what everyone's impressions were of all the options after some time.

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After reading many of the posts on this topic, I opted to stay with the OEM struts. One reason is that I really enjoy the technology in the Continuously Variable Road Sensing Suspension on my STS and couldn't bring myself to disable it with passive struts. After all, it's the technolgy built into the Caddy's that make them a desirable, high end vehicle and I want all the technolgy built into it to work so I can enjoy myself. It's only money - especially when it comes to me enjoying my cars.

I bought the struts from gmpartsdirect.com for 334.00 ea. plus shipping, and had a friend who manages a Midas store install them and do the 4-wheel alignment. The labor came to about 170.00. So about $900.00 for the whole job and the enjoyment of a car that's back up to spec. Suspension is now working as designed and the car is more fun to drive.

Whatever way you choose to go, just do it as soon as possible. Worn out struts aren't especially safe since their job is to keep the tire in full contact with the pavement. That front-end "float" is no fun, especially at highway speeds. Let us know what you decide.

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