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94 Deville still in desert


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Impressive response so far..Have downloaded 'accessing diagnostic codes'. This car is 4.9L. Is this OBDI and 4T60 or 4T80? I am trying to diagnose the problem from the city (car 190 miles away), from what backyard mechanic has told me. (Being female, I am suspect to rolling eyes for my questions.) No power flush of trans, just normal. No significant problems prior to stoppage, not even fail safe mode. Axle checks OK, he suspects drive chain, and he claims 'no codes' in car. Nothing, not even 'no codes'. But I suspect that you can dig deeper into the computer. Will cost $400.0 just to tow. Would like magic fix, but suspect drive chain not simple. Check lists i.e: Fluid, axle, what to look for under dust cover-flex plate? What else can I check while on the ground in the desert?

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Hmm....what is the problem? You make a few generic remarks , but I do not see you explaining, what is the problem with the car? Without more information from you it is not possible to help.


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George, this is the original post:

I live in Minn. and bought a 94 Deville in AZ one month ago. I left it in AZ for friends to drive to make sure it was road worthy, and fix general stuff (tires, rotors, flush heater core). A friend changed the tranny fluid, and drove to L. Vegas and on the way it lost the ability to move. They suspected axle, but now think tranny. It has 116,000 miles, in good shape. It is now stuck in desert in impound lot. Where to start troubleshooting? Electrical? Computer codes? Help!


4.9 comes with 4T60. Are you sure your mechanic is able to pull the codes. Should be some.

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