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fog lamps


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I posted this same question on Dec 6,

here is a reply that is pertinent...

I have not found the 885's in stock yet...

but I'm still looking...

For '98, the OEM fog lamp bulb was #880 (27 watt). I replaced mine with Silverstar #885 (50 watt).

"Should be" the same for '99?

good luck!

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Many members have had no problems with Sylvania SilverStars.

I believe you can go to their website to find out the part#


I have those and I love them very bright and white, excelent light I also recomend these.

user posted image

Defending Northstar perf a qtr mile at a time!!!!

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While it hasn't occured to me (w/head light bulbs), the only draw back to the Silverstars is a shorter life span compared to OEM bulbs. So if you keep the fog lights on all the time (I don't) try to keep this in mind. I've seen them in parts stores and the run about 20-25.00 a piece.


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