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Hi folks. I got a 2000 base deville with 200,000 + miles. One of the rear shocks is leaking just a small amount. But not I got a real bouncy ride which seems to be coming from the rear shocks. I can open the trunk and push on the bumper a bunch of times and then after a few miles I can feel the rear suspension settle down and I once again have a Cadillac ride. I know I need to replace the rear shocks. I was told that there is a shock ride height valve. Can this valve be dirty, and or bad? And what is a good way to troubleshoot it. Could it be the compressor? But when I get a good ride again, then over night (cold here in Virgina) when I start out again in the early am, I got a bouncy ride from the rear until I jump up & down on the bumper again. Any idea's. Thanks Jim

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With the key on, sit on the rear bumper. Within 30 seconds, you should hear the compressor come on and level the car. If not, then you need to troubleshoot the sensor/compressor.

Many times, the air lines get worn through near the suspension components. GM sells a splice kit at the dealer for about $2.00 if this is the case.

At 200,000+ miles, the struts are probably due for replacement anyway.... Just curious - did you buy the car new or used? That's a LOT of miles for a 2000 but is testament to the durability of these cars!

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