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EricTheCarGuy: Battery Testing the 'Smart' Way? OTC 3200

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I got the OTC 3200 Smart Battery Tester a couple of months ago. At first I was a bit skeptical. Many testers I've used in the past were all-in-one units. The OTC 3200 isn't quite like that. In fact, you need a smart phone or device equipped with a camera to fully utilize the tool.

After using the tool for a while I began to see it's capabilities. It has a lot of featured and not only tests batteries quick and easy, it also checks the starting and charging systems. It will also keep a log of all the batteries and charging systems you check so you can monitor them over time. Pretty cool.

I really do like the tool. it's an excellent battery/charging/starting system tester. I'm still not sold on having to use my smartphone to use it though. I really wish those capabilities were built into the tool and I didn't need to fumble with my phone every time I wanted to complete a charging system test.


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