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about to buy a 2000 deville


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Hello all,

As a former 96 STS owner (and currently an unhappy Grand PRIX owner), I am in the market to purchase a 2000 Deville base model.

I would welcome any suggestions or advice on this car, I found Bruces old board an amazing source of information on my STS, like I discovered I was not the only STS owner that had a swimming pool in the trunk <_<

As well anyone who knows how to get this model into diagnostic mode would be great.

The car has 75,000 miles and its asking price is 15,500 canadian. The only odd thing I found was traces of motor oil all over the spare tire (yes I was wise enough to check for the STS trunk leak), not sure if that is just a previous owmer who stored spare oil there and it leaked or something else.

Thanks in advance for all wisdom and guidance!


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The first thing I would be concerned with is the cooling system. Search for Dexcool, supplements, etc. in new and old archives and you'll find a lot of helpful information. Good luck.

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