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Hi all. I bought a complete set of fog lamps for my 1997 SLS.

they are in very good shape. I pulled them off a 1994 STS(very clean)

I bought the brackets, lamps, and headlight switch all together

the bad news. The non fog lamp equipped bumper is very different on the Seville.

My Seville is not equipped. there is no hole in the bumper for them and I will not modify my bumper.

If someone may be interested it would be my loss your gain.

Looks like they will work with 1992-1997 Seville only.

part numbers are as follows

16520629 l/h lamp 16516593 l/h bracket

16520630 r/h lamp 16516594 r/h bracket

3538830 (DS370) Headlamp switch w/foglamp frt.

If anyone is interested I would be happy to post pictures and work a price.

thank you for reading. I only pulled them because of the condition so if they were not clean I would not have bought them.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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