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Trade in of my 1997 Deville for a 2008 DTS


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Hey everyone, I am thinking of trading in my 1997 DeVille, for a 2008 DTS. Are there any big known issues on the 08 DTS's? I love my Cadillacs so this would be an upgrade for me. However, the DTS does have way many more miles than my 97 does. the DTS has roughly 192,000 on it and my DeVille has only 159,000on her. Like I said any big issues I need to look for when I go test drive the DTS?

Thanks folks!

Sean M.

1997 Cadillac DeVille

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The mileage is less importance than the maintenance once you are past 100,000 miles. Maintenance on old and high mileage cars will include brake jobs, shocks and struts, etc. It's important that the replacement parts be OEM or equivalent. It's common for a mechanic to put cheap rotors and pads on a Cadillac because it's old and that's what their parts house will cross over to the make and model. More seriously, the suspension can be downgraded by cheap shocks and struts; the majority of people will not put electronic shocks and struts back on the car, for example.

But even a car with low-end parts on it is serviceable in most normal driving if it has and is continuing to be well maintained. Look at the brake part numbers before you drive through the mountains, particularly down long, steep slopes, for example.

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