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Good Morning all,

I have a 06 cts 3.6L with 120k on it and i have a valve issue. I believe it to be bad lifters but i also wonder about the valves themselves. When the car is hot (been driven for some time) i get a noise from the engine like it is out of oil. I checked the valve springs and everything i can by taking the valve covers off but i stopped short of ripping the heads off. I ended up doing an oil change and added a bottle of lucas additive along with the mobile 1 high mileage. I am still getting a bit of noise but not to the extent i was before.

Has anyone run into this problem with the lifters or the valves in the past? if so what was the fix because i am not in the mood to listen to it any more.


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I haven't run into your problem, but I have had tapping sound when engine is cold. When I changed oil recently, I also poured in 2 Quarts of Marvel Mystery Oil. Little by little the knocking sound has dissipated to the point that it is at least 95% better. It's no longer an obvious problem. I continue to use Marvel to make sure the engine is clean and any sludge and gum/varnish has been removed. My V8 sounds much better since using Marvel.

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That engine....the 3.6. Is known for some timing chain issues. I would suspect that before lifters etc.

Plenty of service bulletins etc. Some cars have special warranty coverage etc. Our Traverse has the same engine and had the chains replaced under warranty.

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