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Hi all. I am contemplating letting go of my eldorado. It is a great car. I needed something more suited for my daily driver so I bought something different.

I have put alot of hard work into this car to make it up to my standards.

It is a 2001 Pearl white ESC. Shale interior

140k miles. Clean title

Here is a list of what I have done in the last year

New Remy alternator, belt, battery, tensioner.

Radiator (had cracks in the inlet tank) replaced coolant.

All motor mounts including struts

intake gaskets and everything related serviced

complete tuneup consisting of remy coil packs delco plugs, and new COP ends

Front hub assemblies, swaybar links, pads and rotors

Rear knuckle bushings, pads and rotors, ELC compressor and dryer

I replaced both door panels. Both I have repaired and hold fine. New are no longer available.

I removed the seats and scrubbed the carpet. All leather gets treated with mink oil. Nice and plush.

I installed the oem 12 disc changer. replaced the power antenna

Everything works properly except the gas gauge (it reads inaccurate under half a tank)

Heated seats are quite nice, also has memory feature .

Has theft deterrent with factory alarm.

A/C blows ice cold. Rear console blower seems a little slow, (probably never got used)

I will be honest the car has some dents and dings from previous owner but is completely functional.

Rust is extremely minimal. Well undercoated. One minor rust spot above right rear tire (very minor surface)

I also have some extra parts that I can let go with it.

Asking price is 2,500 firm. I am sure that is a completely reasonable price for what it is.

Anyone that knows me well knows just how meticulous I am. I would absolutely not sell something that has a major issue.

I drove this car everyday (about 100 miles a day) until I bought the car I am driving now.

the check engine light is off and has been off. NYSI is good til next year.

I figured I would post it here before offering it anywhere else. I thank you all for taking the time to read this.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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