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Cadillac Sending the wrong message on future models, and how to fix

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ELKHART LAKE, Wis. -- Any Cadillac customer hoping that the replacement for the SRX midsize crossover scheduled for next spring will be followed by a go-fast V-series version is likely to be disappointed.

Read more: http://www.autonews.com/article/20150803/OEM04/308039943/a-v-series-version-of-cadillacs-coming-crossover?-dont-count-on-it

The message here is wrong -- it comes across from Cadillac as "we know best" when it should be "we will bring the products to market that our customers want".

Here is how I would have suggested Cadillac respond:

Q: Do you expect to bring a V Series XT5?

A: First, the XT5 will get a variety of engines, quite good brakes, and magnetic suspension, and we expect it to have quite good performance. Sometime after release, there will likely be a Cadillac XT5 VSport with even greater performance. We will be able to bring a full XT5-V if sales of the XT5 and XT5 VSport sales support it. So if you want to see a full XT5-V, buy or lease an XT5 and let us know!


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