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Steering Vibration during Parking Lot Maneuvers

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Steering Vibration during Parking Lot Maneuvers

On some 2014 CTS Sedan (VIN A) models, there may be a slight vibration in the steering wheel during a parking lot maneuver. DTC C055C sym00 (Steering Gear Performance Malfunction) may be set.

This condition typically happens while turning left into a parking spot, with the steering close to the end of travel, at speeds of approximately 3–4 mph.

Reprogram the Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) with the latest calibration available through TIS2Web. Refer to the Power Steering Control Module Programming section of the Service Information for programming instructions.

TIP: If the vehicle already had updated software programmed to the PSCM prior to the May 9, 2015 release of the latest software, program the PSCM once again with the latest calibration.


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