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2012 v 2013 SRX Luxury

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Hi All,

Contemplating my first Cadillac purchase. If you were to choose b/t a 2012 v 2013 Luxury edition SRX, which would you choose and why. The 2013 is about $3000 more, and I assume it includes the Info Cue system, which the 2012 doesn't. Otherwise, let's assume they are comparably equipped with similar mileage. My intent is to keep the car for three years while it's under warranty. Were there any worthwhile changes to the drivetrain between the two years?


-Alabama Pete

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External changes to grills and lighting in side grill. You'll want to look at both inside and out and see if one appeals more.

Look for newly available options:

Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Alert, and Automatic Front and Rear Braking. A Safety Alert Seat that vibrates to warn the driver about potential collision threats while parking and driving is also new for 2013.

Blind zone alert -- alerts you if a car is on your quarter, (slightly behind and to the side), possibly out of view

lane departure warning -- alerts you if your car wanders out of your lane

Adaptive cruise -- radar cruise control -- adjusts your speed to cars ahead

These may not be on the Luxury Version in 13 either, so may not matter?


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