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auto door locks inoperable - 88 Seville

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Just picked up a very nice 88 Seville and the auto door lock feature does not work when shifting from Park to Drive/Drive to Park. The power door locks work otherwise from all four doors. The doors unlock with the key as well. Iv'e unhooked the battery to reset the onboard computer, still no change. Is there an option on the onboard computer to turn it off and on? Any suggestions or helps would be much appreciated.

I'm new to this formum and looking forward to interacting with other Cad lovers.

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I'm puzzled. Has NO ONE ELSE had this issue? What about a response from a moderator or a certified mechanic? I just took the driver's door apart again and checked the main power locking switch - all works fine. The shifter releases the parking brake when set and displays the proper transmission gear on the dash. I just don't know what else to check. Any help would be appreciated. <_<

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Might be an issue with the prndl issur on the transmission or a bcm issue. I can't remember if this is one of the first years of bcm parameters to personalize certain options. Can you access the codes from the bcm thru off and warmer?

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Yes I can access through the PCM but I don't see an option (like on my 08 SRX) to turn the auto door lock off/on. I tried disconnecting the battery for a few minutes to see if it would reset the computer to the default settings, that didn't make any difference.

I was told if the auto praking brake release works, that the auto door lock signal goes through the same switch on the prndl issur on the transmission. It releases the parking brake just fine and the prndl readout indicator on the dash reads just fine when shifting from one gear to the other. Very puzzled here.

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