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Cadillac Invites Drivers into a World of Customer Experience Excellence

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Through a highly strategic and coordinated transformation, Cadillac eventually redefined itself though six core business imperatives. From the top of the company all the way to the bottom, these core imperatives now exist at every level, and Lee explained each in order of importance:

1 Organization. From the CEO to the showroom floor, the company culture was redesigned around an intense emphasis on the customer.

2 Brand management. Cadillac remains militant about articulating a clear position for the brand by delivering consistent and focused communications to customers.

3 Product portfolio. Cadillac has always produced exceptional products. And it pledges to always do so, while also striving to continually increase quality in the process.

4 Driver profiles. A deep and meaningful understanding of the customer is needed for all brands, and Cadillac is no exception. It now remains dedicated to designing strategies to increase its relevance and meaningfulness to all drivers.

5 Dealer Network: This is where the customer experience rubber really hits the road. The dealerships are acknowledged as the frontlines of customer experience management.

6 Residual management: This category is an industry specific strategic imperative that the brand uses to generate a pricing discipline to remain competitive.

- See more at: http://loyalty360.org/resources/article/cadillac-customer-experience-excellence#.dpuf


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