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I have a 74 Eldo convertible. It's been garaged for a couple years with little road time. I do start it somewhat regularly and run it a bit.

Recently the old dog's developed a really loud screeching squeal. I'll start it and sometimes it'll run for a minute before the noise kicks in, but after it does it won't simmer down. Its so loud I worry the neighbors are getting irked. I can't tell if it's a belt or a bearing somewhere. The alternator is a rebuilt model and not that old - I don't think that's it. It kinda sounds like it's coming from the ac compressor, but I can't really tell. I sprayed the belts and that didn't help. After its idled a while, I notice an odd subtle burning smell. I'm thinking I'll need to get it re-registered and roll it into the shop as this is probably beyond my skill set... but maybe not? Not looking forward to that loud trip. Any advice?

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Use a piece of 3/8" hose about three feet long to listen to suspect areas. Place one end in your ear and move the opposite end to the area you want to listen to.

You could try removing the A/C compressor belt and if the noise goes away, the problem is the clutch bearing in the A/C compressor. That bearing is an easy fix - those old A-6 compressors were bulletproof. Ford used the GM A-6 compressors on their cars in the 1970s.

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