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Will bumpers from a 95-02 Eldorado fit on a 93?

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Currently own a 93 Eldorado with the 4.9L V8

Question: Will front and rear bumpers from an newer year Eldorado fit onto my 1993? I used to own a 99 and love the body lines. My 93 needs paint as the clear coat failed on all top surfaces (hood, roof, trunk lid). If I paint the car I would like to see about updating the bumpers.

If so, what years? all? some? none?

I saw one on the local Craigslist where a guy updated the bumpers and door trim, but he didn't give any info on how hard the switch was.

has anyone tried this?

any insight is greatly appreciated!


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My research tells me



What exhactly was changed I do not know, but knowing the drastic changes I have seen throughout the 90s bodies I assume the fitment to the quarters and fenders will not be right..

I have had all 96+ eldo of that body style, so I cant say much about the older ones


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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