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2002 Deville air conditioning won't blow cold air

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A/C worked fine when I took it in to get new radiator installed. Only blows warm air now (same day radiator was fixed). Shop that fixed radiator says it was blowing cold air this morning before I picked it up. Have checked the fuses, and the clutch on the air conditioner pump clicks by jumping it in the fuse box. I have seen on other sights they say to run a diagnostic and see what codes it comes up with........how do I do that? Thanks for any help.

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Here is how to access the onboard diagnostics in the Deville – It will work for the 2000-2005 model years:

With the key in the run position or the engine running (it makes no difference), simultaneously press and hold the ON/OFF and INFO UP buttons on the dash to the right of the speedometer and above the gearshift lever. The system will go through a segment check and then you will see ALL? on the driver information sensor (DIC).

To operate the diagnostics, the following buttons are used:

  • ON/OFF = Yes
  • INFO UP/DN is the toggle to between systems
  • To exit the diagnostics, repeatedly press the INFO RESET button or turn the ignition to OFF.

Any codes will be displayed on the DIC as CURRENT or HISTORY. Post any codes that are stored and we'll go from there.

How did you "jump" the compressor in the fuse box? Was the fuse blown?

Seems to me it was something the shop did while replacing the radiator - the condenser is right in front of the radiator.

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Hi, husband jumped compressor by taking the 4 prong selinoid (sp) fuse for the compressor out and jumped a wire from one post to the other which made the compressor and air work with the wire on it, while the key was on. If he took the wire off, the compressor shut off. Okay, here are the current codes that showed up B0429, B0065. But wait,,,, we ran the diagnostics and when it said "clear all?" I hit yes..........AIR RUNS GREAT!!!! We drove it around town to let car warm up and I just about froze my face from the cold air....also checked to make sure the heat runs ( it does). I don't know how or why this fixed it but so far, so good. Thank you very much for your help. I never would have figured out how to run the codes as the manual doesn't tell you and the cadillac dealer wanted $150.00 to run the same thing. Again.........Thank you!!

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