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1995 deville having A/C problem need advice.

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Hello everyone I was doing a favor for a friend and i was recharging his 1995 caddy Deville because he said his A/C wasn't working and the

low refegarent was reading on the screen. i did it for him a year ago so i said ok. I started off be evacuating the system for an hour or so it

had a good vacum it read 29 i let it rest for and hour it kept the 29 so i had no leaks so i started charging the system it calls for 2.0 lbs of

134a. I didn't know that i had to reset the computer to allow the a/c to work so i jump the compressor relay to fill the system. it was taking

a long time i also didn't know at the time about the difference in the can postion at the time about the can being upright is taking vapors and

having the can upside down its filling with liquid. They say its faster filling with liquid but it dangerous if the compessor gets liquid in it , it could

ruin the compressor. I was filling it both ways, anyways after putting in 24oz of freon i was turning the compessor on and off like if it was cycling.

i went into the car and rev the engine to about 1500-1800 rpm's i heard a popping sound from the engine compartment at high rpm's i couldn't

find where the popping was coming from but i'm guessing the a/c system maybe compressor. does anyone have any advice ?

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You won't have an issue charging as a liquid - just meter it in slowly and it will be fine. The liquid refrigerant will quickly vaporize in the accumulator anyway.

I am not sure what the noise is that you're hearing. If you only put in 24 ozs, the system is still low - you need another 8 ozs. of refrigerant. It is possible the compressor is cycling and the noise you hear is the compressor clutch engaging/disengaging?

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