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2003 Cadillac Deville DTS Electrical/power issues

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I have a 2003 cadillac deville dts battery not charging came on display drove car for 3 days thinking it would correct itself, Dash light come and go randomly, PCM? Car finally died 3 days later after dash lights started dancing and dash went black/dead. Took car to autozone they said it was a bad battery i knew it was the alternator bought a new battery and an alternator from o'rileys. Changed alternator car is running good. Heres the thing drl's not on/working when they used to automatically come on any other time. Anytime i turn my lights, turn signals or ac on car stalls and dies. Brake lights function normally. only issue is when i try those 3 features the car dies. So i cant drive at night only daytime. I have not made any changes that require power to the car. Only mods i have done are replace door speaker(not component) and ran the blown rear DVC sub lines to 2 SVC 10' pyle subs. No after market deck or amp. ANy help is appreciated. There have been no major issues with the car and it has 135k on it I recently did a round trip to new orleans.


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Do you know how to run your own codes? Your system is capable of providing a trouble shooting check list and post them here.

1. Hold the arrow up and the on button at the same time

2, Your dash will light up, then go blank and as "Check codes?"

3. Hit the on button to signal yes

4. All codes

5. Select the on button again to signify yes

6. At the end of the code check it will ask you to clear all codes (y or N)

&. Post all codes history and current here and lets start the process.

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