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95 Seville Trans. repair

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Well my 95 Seville had a trans. issue a couple of years ago , and not finding this forum till I got my Eldorado , the Seville has sat as a spare or parts car.

Ok so actually I really couldn't part with it , too much of a nice car.

My Eldorado just recently did the trans. issue where it suddenly has no forward motion and runs in second only , wich is generally knowledge it might be the selenoids.

So I am using my seville as a test subject to start as it had the same issues.

I can't pull any codes from the Seville as it has sat and goes dead and gets jumped, and hasn't been driven other than moved in the driveway for the last 2 years at least.

SO - I dropped the pan - and found one of the scavenger screens laying in it - ( I don't think it got dislodged by dropping the pan ? ) and also a small metal ball bearing.

thats the part that is kinda scary - I know if you pull down the lower plate section there are those balls in there - but I have only dropped the pan.

wondering if it was a factory "extra" dropped or where it could of freely came from and ended up in the pan..............

I am doing both selenoids and scavenger screens and new gasket to start.

Any ideas or comments would be cool - Thanks.

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Not sure how the ball wound up in the pan. How large is it? It may be a check ball that someone forgot to install if the valve body was removed.

Sometimes, the scavenger screen(s) will drop out when the pan is removed. They cannot come out when the pan is installed as there is not enough clearance for them to do so. The retainer o-rings may be hard and not able to retain the screens,

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Thanks - the ball is 1/8" in diameter .

I did notice that particular screen had what appeared to be a felt pad about 1" square adhereed to the pan directly under it.

Assuming it kept the screen up in place.

I have put about 50,000 on the Seville since I bought it, so unless it decided to spit that ball out of somewhere , it has been rolling around in the pan for some time.

Never had any issue with the tranny during those 50,000 miles.

Funny thing is, both my Seville and Eldorado have almost the same milage within a few thousand when trans. issues happened. Right around 122,000 miles.

I also ordered that set up from Ebay for the Eldorado.

Working on the Seville right now.

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Well happy to say in an update. It has been months now and many thousands of miles and no issues with the transmission or shift selenoids.

Appears that loose ball - ermmmm - was just that. All the rest of them were where they were supposed to be , and everything went back together nicely.

The Seville is a parts car of sorts - though I have only stolen the trunk latch from it , it gets started and driven around the yard ok.

The Eldo is a daily driver, so I have yet to get the Seville out and check it's shifting up through the gears, but on the Seville it was an obvious problem with the shift selenoid as it had broken partly away from it's nylon insert.

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