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Just bought a 1997 Eldo with 27500 miles. Several minor (I hope) problems. The horn does not work and the key fobs do not work. I replaced the batteries on the key fobs and they still don't work. Is there a fuse, a relay, a module or something that receives the signal from the key fob? I am MOST CONCERNED about having a working horn.

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Welcome to caddyinfo.

I would try resyncing the remotes. It is covered in the owners manual.

If that does not work try reprogramming them with the onboard system. This is not hard to do. I am sure another member has the procedure to post, but a search can show alot.

As for the horn check the fuse and relay under the hood next to the driver side strut tower.

Have someone press on the steering wheel while you listen for a clicking relay under the hood.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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