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Luca Brasi

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i have a 03 cadillac deville and im trying to install some after market speakers to the factory amp? is tht possible?

I have a 1000 watt amp tht i jus bought but i didnt know cadillac had an amp installed awready? Can someone please help me out installing this and what all i need to do... I was hoping you could use ur +- speaker wire and hook up to the amp to the subs?

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Everything depends on compatibility with the old electronics on the other end of the wire and the speaker that you are trying to put on it. You have a 2003 Deville, according to your profile. That car comes with lots of different radios. Look in the spare tire area for a sticker that gives the factory options on your car. The car radio will be an option like UQ3 or some such; it will start with U. Post that back here so we can tell which radio you have.

Also, tell us about the speakers. If the speakers are designed for a four-Ohm amplifier, you should be OK. But some subwoofers are designed for very low impedance and won't work with regular car radios. If you don't see that in the literature or installation instructions for the speaker, just post the make and model number.

Most car amplifiers have a maximum power of about 200 Watts, even the high end ones. If your subwoofer wants 1,000 Watts or more, then you will need the aftermarket amplifier. But, don't jump on it without listening to it; the difference between 200 Watts and 1,000 Watts is 7 dB, which is noticeable but not as much as you might think just looking at the Wattage numbers.

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