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Blower motor installation help


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I'm trying to replace the blower motor on my 97 seville sts. I've heard that I have to cut. does anyone have any instructions on where to cut and how to get the old motor out??? thanks



There a few ways to do this In some cases, you have to loosen the engine and tilt it, or pull the valve cover to remove a blower motor.

I have found an alternate way to replace the motors on '97 Devilles, that may help your situation, though I'm not sure what your dash looks like or if you have a center console.

You need to gain access to the center of the dash under the ashtray. Remove the ashtray and ashtray mount frame and the carpeted cover section under the center of the dash at the floor. You should see the air vane that controls air movement toward the floor. If you encounter a dash support frame, it is better to remove it.

This is the tough part. You will need to lay on the floor under the dash (move the seats all the way back!). Use a screwdriver to lift and hold the vane open. Reach into the vane as far as possible with your hand and feel for the blower wheel. Move your hand toward the center and locate the nut that holds the wheel. I have fairly large hands and I was able to reach the nut, but the vane door opening is tough on the skin, so be prepared to have some abrasions.

Use a long extension (about 16") with a universal joint behind the socket. Place a piece of tape on one inside face of the socket opening to help hold the nut when it is removed. Guide the socket into place with your fingers. Once it's on the nut, hold the blower wheel and loosen the nut. It is possible you will drop the nut in the blower housing, but don't fret since these are easily acquired at a hardware store - buy 3 or 4 just in case.

Go back to the firewall and remove the mounting screws and the electrical connector. Pull the motor back, leaving the blower wheel inside the blower housing. There should be just enough clearance to tilt the blower motor and miss the valve cover.

Reach into the housing from the blower motor opening and remove the blower wheel. Check very, very carefully for cracks if you will reuse the wheel. If any doubts about a crack versus a mold mark - replace it.


Place the blower wheel back into the housing. There should be just enough room to get part of one hand to hold the wheel in place while starting the shaft of the new motor into the wheel. Make darn sure the flat spot on the shaft engages the flat spot on the wheel befoire you put the motor back against the mount location. Install the screws to hold the motor and get back under the dash, push the blower wheel home with your hand as far as possible and reinstall the nut. Tighten only by hand to make sure the threads are not crossed. Hold the wheel and tighten (not too tight!).

For a first try this will take about an hour if you don't get cramps or cuts.

Good luck.

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You do not need to cut anything...Disconnect the ignition module wiring and move as much of the wiring out of the way. Remove the 1/2" thick inertial plate that is retained by three screws and set the plate aside. Reinstall two of the three screws. Remove the blower mounting screws on the flange. Rotate the blower so the narrowest point of the flange is toward the cam cover and it will come right out.

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Also search the archives. There are several informative posts on this.

On my 95 etc, there was no way to replace the blower without shifting the engine or cutting the housing. I cut the housing, reinstalled then used aluminum tape to seal it back up. It has worked great for the past year.

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