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Feeling heat on legs while driving 05 deville and AC Smells

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Long time since I posted anything, but a new problem. When I get into the car and start driving, I can feel heat on my legs as if a vent was open. At first I thought it was coming from the outside while I was driving with the window open, but I have narrowed it down to the inside of the car coming from the front bottom as if the heat was blowing on my feet. Maybe a vent door not closing all they way? Then, when I turn on the AC it has a type of old smell to it. I replace filter about a month ago but still the same problem. I sprayed some air freshner into the blower filter area but I can still smell it. Any suggestions?

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There could be an actuator that is stuck - you might try runnning the climate control down to 60, wait a couple of minutes and then turn it to 90 and wait a couple of minutes. If you hear a creaking noise, it is most likely an actuator that has broken gears.

The stench in the A/C is mildew on the evaporator. There is a spray you can buy to apply to the evaporator to kill the mildew.

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