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I have the Blackvue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD, Car DVR Recorder with Wi-Fi, G Sensor, 16GB, Tracking

Its a little pricey at $315

Set it and forget it. Fortunately, i have not needed to touch it since installing it, but i know its recording time speed, location, video and sound - should i ever need it.

After 5 minutes parked and not moving, it shuts down and only starts recording when there is movement in the video.

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Thanks. That model gets pretty high ratings at amazon.com. This is supposedly a YouTube clip of its video taken from downtown Houston, Texas.

The amazon reviewer points out that "YouTube compresses video - quality is actually much better than shown on YouTube."

Should the camera be removed from the car, say if you are going to be parked out in the sun, at work for instance?

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Yes, that video quality really stunk. I can easily read license plates on my video. I never took the camera out - sun or not. I am not sure if direct sunlight is a problem for video cameras anymore. My camera is buried up in the top tint of the windshield, so it has some kind of sun protection i guess. Again, you want to install this camera, and just leave it. I even turned off the voice commands so passengers are not temped to touch it, or press the button. There is a small blue led that illuminate, but the camera is mostly hidden behind the passenger visor. I couldn't install it on the rear view mirror as recommended because of onstar, and some other module bulges on the back of the rear view mirror.

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