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96' Deville front strut/spring replacement

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I have replaced my front struts & springs on my 1996 Deville base model. I also used the Radio Shack 4700 Ohm 1/2 watt resistor to bypass the "Service Ride Control" message.

The problem is I still get the message. Is there something I needed to do other then put the resistors in line?

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I have the same issue also - still. just replaced them about a month ago. Allmost considering the Arnott replacements as they come with the sensors on them and are a plug n play type set-up.

I have no problem with the Monroes , just the stupid warning post keeps coming up.........

I did the rear shocks with the Arnotts , no problems,and get the replacement line kit from Monroe, it fits perfectly.

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Cr#p I didn't realise those selnoids could be removed, mine are long gone in the trash by now !!

I looked at them and thought someone said they couldn't be !

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