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2004 SRX grinding sound when AC turned on...

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Hi. I've just joined this forum. I did a search, but couldn't find my problem...probably didn't perform a good enough search...

Anyways, just yesterday, I when to turn on the AC in my 2004 SRX, and it only blew warm air. This was at highway speed with the radio on, so I didn't notice any weird sounds. Later, when stopped, I tried the AC again. There was a loud grinding sound from the driver's side area of the engine, for about 5 seconds, with no air, then the sound disappeared and warm air blew out. I've repeated this twice in the past 24 hours.

Any help would be appreciated. I prefer to know was is going on before I get to the mechanic.


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Sounds like the A/C clutch is bad. Can you run the OBD codes from the A/C console with a SRX? The owner's manual should say so if you can. Otherwise you might stop by an Autozone and get a free OBD scan. Post the codes here and we will see what they tell us.

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