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2004 Deville with an annoying noise

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So I just bought this 2004 Deville with 47,000 miles. It's a beauty and runs/drives excellent but.....

There's this annoying "clicking/squeaking" noise when in drive, especially noticeable at slow speeds, maybe more so on bumpy roads but not totally. From the drivers seat, it sounds like it is either in the floor board or center, lower dash area.

Does it with A/C or blower on or off. Doesn't do it in neutral or reverse. As soon as you put it in drive you can faintly hear but as soon as you start rolling it's there.

I put it up on stands tonight (both stands under frame and under control arm to compress suspension) and it was not there at all. Put it back on the ground and it's there as soon as I drive away. It really doesn't increase with speed, just becomes louder. I ran along the car with wife driving and it can't be heard from outside.

Anybody have a similar problem or know of common issues that might result in a noise like this? It almost sounds like a noisy HVAC blower motor but like I said, it does it with the blower off.

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hmm. Off the top of my head check the exhaust hangers. maybe when in drive the pipe is touching the brace underneath the car. right in the tunnel.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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