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TechLink: Proper Lifting of the ATS and CTS Sedans

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Proper Lifting of the ATS and CTS Sedan

When lifting the 2013-2014 ATS and 2014 CTS Sedan on a hoist, the vehicle should be lifted so that the hoist pads and/or lift arms do not contact the rocker panel molding. Each hoist pad must be located in the designated area in order to prevent any damage to the vehicle. (Fig. 12)


Fig 12

In the front location, place the lift pads on the rocker outer panel weld flange. (Fig. 13)


Fig 13

In the rear location, place the lift pads on the rocker outer panel rear cradle brace. (Fig. 14) Ensure the hoist pad is inside the rocker panel molding cut out area (notch).


Fig 14

Damage may occur to the rocker panel molding where it contacts the lower front of the quarter panel (dog leg) if the rear hoist pad contacts the rocker panel molding and shifts the position of the molding, which may result in the paint peeling where it meets the step in the body panel. (Fig. 15)


Fig 15

Read more: http://sandyblogs.com/techlink/?p=3298


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