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Just got my 97 deville back from the dealer, they flashed my Instument panel and it worked great for a day..now its flashing and getting crazy again plus the defroister comes on by itself and i cant turn it off, also says check airbag and theft system problem car might not restart..i was going to have it rebuilt but the guy told me to check my body grounds first, i already put a new battey in it and cleaned all those grounds...are there more?

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There are chassis grounds all over the car. You should get a FSM from eBay because you really need to know what's in there, from your posts in the last few weeks. Since you want to know what's up and fix it yourself if you can, you're a natural for the GM factory shop manual Here's a set for $59:


If you like, I can haul out my set of manuals and start looking for grounds under the dash. It's easier if we start from a specific complaint, like the A/C defroster or some such. Post back here if you want me to do it for you while your own set is in the mail.

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