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I have a problem starting my 2005 Cadillac STS (V6) which seems quite similar to some problems that have been described in this forum some time back, but I also have some differences:

I have the key inside the car, and ignition on. When pressing the start button, all instruments in the panel as well as the big screen, CD-changer and aircondition panel goes black. Here's the frist difference: The engine light does not light - despite the descrptions on the older posts.

After a short while only the little display in the instrument panel turns back on. Difference 2: Only the Little Panel turns back on, not the whole dash) However, I can turn on the whole panel by pushing the start-button for a couple seconds.

Now I have turned on ignition and jumped the starter relay manually (taken from the older post). The engine fires right up, car runs normally, but engine light is on. Error code B0100. After that, I can turn it of and restart it as many times as I want within the next 5-10 minutes after each turning off. If I wait longer than 10 minutes before next restart, all instrument panels go black and engine would not start as descrived above.

I have recharged the battery, and I have tried this with another car connected through a jumper cable. So it can't be the battery, neither it's Connections.

I made another observation: When starting the car within 5 minutes after last turning off, the instrument panel blackenes out, and after the engine turnes on all gauges kick out all way round and back. After that, all gauges work normal.

What could cause that Problem?

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OK everybody, thanks for the help so far.

I had the car checked by a mechanic last week and he figured out that the BCM unit seems to cause that problem. I've ordered a replacement one, let's see if that fixes the starting issue. Until then, my mechanic put a button under the steering wheel that jumps the starter relay without opening the hood.

First time after picking up from the mechanic and getting back to the car after shopping the driver's door wouldn't open when standing in front of it and pulling the handle. Using the remote opener, it would open the rear doors, but not the driver's door.

I had this issue with the passenger side rear door for a couple days before. It wouldn't open, neither using the inside or the outside handle. After a few days it started working again, without any attempt to fix it.

Does the BCM as well control the doors? Or is it more likely that the door issue is another one, aside from the BCM problem?


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Hi Jim,

thanks for your quick answer.

Du you now by chance, if that module is connected to the GMLAN?

Yes it is connected to the LAN...

Have you pulled that codes to see what they are?

If not, get them and post them here.... maybe we can help you figure it out.

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