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Bruce Nunnally

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One of my earliest automotive memories is of my father's 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. As a wee lad, I remember a car that was seemingly endless in size, power and presence. Awash in leather and chrome, this was clearly a vehicle whose main mission in life was to announce to the world that the owner had arrived - both literally and figuratively. As the current flagship model of the Cadillac brand, in many ways the XTS is the spiritual successor to that Fleetwood. But where the Fleetwood had a more or less singular design goal from the onset, the XTS Vsport is asked to do a number of things well - some of which are intrinsically opposed to one another.

Read more: http://www.windingroad.com/articles/reviews/driven-2014-cadillac-xts-vsport/


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