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2004 SRX Northstar V8 Heat issues

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So I just purchased a 2004 SRX with the Northstar V8 (My first ever Cadillac) a few weeks ago. It is a very sharp looking vehicle loaded with everything I could ever imagine and the inside is immaculately clean. When I bought it the weather was decent outside mid to high 50's. Now the temp is dropping rapidly (I live in Minnesota btw) and I am noticing something. I have no HEAT on the drivers side or on the defroster. There is plenty of heat on the passenger side and that is how I am heating it right now. No heat on the floor, vents, defrost or in the rear. I have googled this and from what I have read, I am told that there is a rod or something that is not opening a flapper inside the dash which is preventing the heat from flowing to the other side of the vehicle. Has anyone else had this happen and if so... how hard/expensive is this going to be for a do-it-yourselfer like me to fix.

All help is appreciated.

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Today, I took apart the left side of the dash and looked at the control mod and the temperature control mod. Those 2 servos were working fine. I went to Firestone auto care center on Friday after work and paid $100 for them to diagnose the problem. They told me that I need a new heater core and that it was going to cost about $1300. They said it would be at a minimum of a 7 hour job and cost $170 for the part and the rest on labor and shop parts. I am going somewhere else on Monday for another estimate and will go from there.

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If you have a lot of heat ANYWHERE... I seriously doubt that it is the heater core.

There are other servos / actuators on the right side and in the center... my guess is that it is one of those.

A GM dealer with a TECH 2 can pull the codes and tell you EXACTLY which one, (if any) are malfunctioning...

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