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02 Deville strange coincidence or incompatibility? Please help.

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I have an 02 base model Deville. I finally installed an analog gauge cluster. With the exception of the "head down display" not showing the vehicles speed (only shows gears) im very pleased. I love my analog gauges!

Now, I thought it was a coincidence that my ELC compressor stopped running,so I checked fuse and its good. I then changed the relay with a known working relay; no dice. So both of those check out fine. I pulled all of the codes; no codes for the ELC or anything related to the system. All codes relate to known issues with my car. So now im thinking this gauge cluster swap, however silly it sounds, is causing the ELC to not function. Can anyone shed some light on this for a fellow Cadillac enthusiast? I cant take the rear of my car squatting and the ride that accompanies it.

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Ok....you did cut a window for the heads down display..right? Or used a different bezel?

There are also different display modes for the heads down display. One being just the gears. You can even turn it off.

I did attach a picture of this same exact mod I did years ago. In the picture you can see the window that has to be cut for the heads down display to work (note reflection on the cluster lens).


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