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Bruce Nunnally

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This is a bit dated now but I saw it again while looking for something else. In the Nov issue Car&Driver did a tuner performance sedan comparo. When I first got the issue, I thought, "Great; why can't they ever include Cadillacs in those?" only to find it included not ONE but TWO tuner CTS-V's, and that one of them won the comparo. Even though there was an M3 (6th place) and RS6 (7th place) in the comparison, usually favorites.







2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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That car was here for the Labor day Corvette bash it's the sh!+s, Mallet said it was sold for $150,000 and that he was working with GM on the STSV (said the AWD was awesome) and that he was also working on a AWD XLR. The transfer case alone cost as much as the car. I know my lottery ticket is around here some where. ;) Stealth Gray with a moonroof please. B)

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Is this the 750 HP CTS-V I saw on the Speed Channel competing against other extremely expensive supercars (Vipers and Corvettes priced in the 6 figures)?

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