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The DIC of my BLS 1.9 (180) diesel 5dr wagon is displaying a message "Limited Performance" and a spanner symbol. I haven't noticed any problem with the car's performance. Oil and filter, pollen filter and air filter were all changed 1500 miles back. What does the message likely refer to that needs attention. Would it help to buy one of those engine diagnostic scanners but which ones are suitable. Is it OBD2 and if so what protocol? Once a Limited Performance message appears do you have to reset the DIC (so to speak) to stop it appearing each time you start the engine? Any advice appreciated. Never had a warning message on the DIC before apart from one advising the particulate filter is full and then you just take it for a fast run on the open road and it regenerates the filter and the message goes .

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Do you have a code reader to check for diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)? Looks like a frequent cause of this sort of display message is a blocked particulate filter, or a faulty EGR. But the codes would point at the cause.

Example: http://www.saabscene.com/forum/threads/149241-Help.9-3-1.9-120bhp-8v-diesel-limited-performance got the message you are getting and the DTCs were p0100 & p2279. p2279 is "mass air flow, lower than expected". Could the air flow from the turbo to the intake have been disrupted?


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I to have a 180 hp BLS estate (auto) with the dreaded "limited performance" warning displayed everytime I start the engine.

I don't know how or where it was limited, because it seemed as responsive and driveable as it ever has. The only deterioration I could detect was it being a bit chuggy when selecting reverse first thing in the morning and some of the auto shifts not being quite as smooth as I remember.

Having tried other garages Vauxhall and Saab, to no avail. I was directed to take it to Bauer Milletts in Manchester, not really local when you live in South Wales,

I arrived at 8am Monday morning and BM booked my car in for a diagnostic test to find out what fault was causing the LP warning.. They then suggested a few places I could go and get breakfast.

2.5 hours later they called me and said "your car is ready".

Not only had they found the fault, they had fixed it. Apparently the ECU that controls the auto box had suffered some sort of memory failure and had completely lost all its coding. They resinstalled all the appropriate software on the ECU and the car was fixed.

I would like to thank Bauer Millett and John Phelan in particular for making my journey so worthwhile. Praise where it is due, these guys really do understand BLS's. Which makes them even rarer than the car itself.

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