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TheSmokingTire: Cadillac ATS Review - One Take

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The new Cadillac ATS has been lavished with praise by the motoring press. And that's because, when you're a journalist, the ATS offers pretty much everything you're looking for from a sport sedan. But what about from the customer's perspective? Does the ATS offer what I'm looking for if I'm a buyer of a luxury sedan? We explore that question, in one take.

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Strangely enough this review almost exactly sums up how I felt about my new

ATS Premium when I bought it and how I feel about it now, nearly a month in.

It starts out kinda negative, as I did, but then the guy discovers the reallly

good stuff and warms to his task so watch all of it or don't watch it at all, is

my advice.

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That was a nice video. Anyone that likes fast cars should check out Matt Farah driving a John Hennessey venom gt. His reaction to the acceleration is priceless.

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