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Cadillac 1994 STS 4.6L hight coolant temperature too fast


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Hi. I have a Cadillac STS 1994 4.6L with the following list of codes:

P030, P052, P053, P076, P089, P091, P095, P097, P109, P137, S010, S012, S036, S044, S060, S061, S063.

I have a problem with the coolant temperature. It goes up too fast and doesn't stop till 125°C limit and then the car stops automatically. It began when I got the car to a motor wash service. What can it be the problem? Kind Regards, Carlos Blancarte.--
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P030 (E030) ISC RPM out of range
P052 (E052) PCM Memory Reset
P053 (E053) Distributor Signal Interrupt
P076 (E076) Transmission Pressure Solenoid
P089 (E089) Long Shift and Maximum Adapt (Trans
P091 (E091) PRNDL Switch Problem (transaxle range switch problem)
P095 (E095) Engine Stall Detected
P097 (E097) High RPM P/N to D/R Shift
P109 (E109) Keep Alive Memory (KAM) Reset/PCM has lost primary battery power
P137 (E137) Loss of TCS (traction control system) Data
S010 Left Front Damper Solenoid Valve Short to B+
S036 Electronic Level Control Compressor Short to Ground/Open
S044 Lift or Dive Signal Fault
S060 Left Front Position Sensor Fault
S061 Right Front Position Sensor Fault
S063 Right Rear Position Sensor Fault

This looks like a bunch of codes you would get after power-washing under the hood or under the car. I would let the car dry out, clear the codes and see what comes back. The overheating problem is probably because of a problem with the fans.

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