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deville oil leak from back of the engine

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I have a 1999 deville dlegance i recently bought. But lately i have been smelling like oil being burn. I lift the car up and when under to see if there was any oil. The oil pan has some oil on the sides but not a lot i clean it and keep it turn on for a while and i notice that some smoke was coming from the back of the engine and that when i smell the oil being burn. But i look on the back and i cant seen much from the top i when under but still i cant see that much oil under the car. I drove it to work which is like 40 miles both ways and i drove it for two days and i check the oil today and the oil dipstick marks two lines under the max level. Does anyone know where the oil leak may be coming from? I love the car and drives perfectly and i want to see if i can fixed rather then getting rid of it. Thanks.

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My guess is the oil manifold plate (that component is between the oil pan and the crankcase and connects the oil passages) is leaking and the oil is getting on the exhaust but you'll need to get the car on some ramps so you can crawl under there and have a good look.

You may get a few drops of oil to the ground but it shouldn't be enough to worry about. If you're filling the crankcase to the full mark when the engine is cold, you are overfilling it and the crankshaft will quickly churn the oil and it will vaporize and be burned off through the PCV system.

If the oil manifold plate is leaking, the engine needs to come out in order to replace it.

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