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95 deville concours shift problem

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This is a family members car, not my own. Car was having a hard shift issue from p-r-d and a bit of a stumble 1-4 gears. It does not feel like slip but a more than firm shift. Tranny was changed but issues were still there. Now I have read that it could be the ECM, just wanna weigh all possible things. I also saw there is a garage shift adapt reset that i'm 95% sure that the mechanic did not do. Is this worth a shot trying first before anything? If so what is the procedure for doing this? Also I did pull up a few codes from the display. Any help would be appreciated.

P076 Transmission Pressure Solenoid

S030 Speed Sensitive Steering fault

S038 Electronic level control exhaust valve short to ground open

S061 Right front position sensor fault

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The P076 code looks a little ominous. I would take it to whoever changed the transmission and have that one dealt with under warranty.

The 4T80E has a normal mode of operation that uses a variety of sensors in the transmission and engine that replace the old analog Hydramatic transmission functions of the vacuum modulator and internal hydraulic analog shifting plates and hydraulic servos with an electronic version inside the PCM. The result is more consistent, smoother operation of a transmission that remembers the transmission shifting functions of your particular transmission as they change with time and temperature and even the driving habits associated with each of the numbered fobs. This is the memory that you want reset. If there is a code that disables anything the transmission program needs, the computer compensates by switching to a less capable back-up program, which usually results in firmer shifting. That's probably happening because of the P076. You would want to fix the cause of that code first.

The S030 and the S061 can cause problems with the ABS or traction control, and should turn on indicator lights for either or both TCS and ABS. The S030 is probably caused by a wiring connector loose or off of the connector for the steering wheel position. The S061 is likewise probably a connector or wiring issue. You can probably correct both of these yourself if you can work under the car.

The S038 indicates a wiring problem, or perhaps a bad solenoid, for the level control on the rear shocks. If the rear end is riding high, that's your problem. Look for problems with the wiring harness or the connector to the electronic level control, which is in the rear in front of the rear axle line just to the right of center. If the wiring is good, you may have to replace the solenoid or the compressor/solenoid assembly.

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