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93 cadillac deville transmission

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ok, so i got this caddilac passing emmissions....now its starting to slip in 1st gear, slow to pull off and random slips in 1st...all of the other gears are fine, so far. i got this car to get me around untill i rebuild the transmission in my crown vic....im gonna rebuild that one myself. but as of right now i have a lot of people telling me that my transmission in my cadillac is done for. does anyone have any past experiences with the transmissions in cadillacs? specifically the one in my car? im gonna put some lucas in it and see if that can help me out. i have already contemplated it overheating, and there was a code on the car that said the torque converter was over stressed....could that cause it to slip like that? i know a shift solenoid could do crazy things but im assuming that one of the valves in teh valve body is messing up, prolly the 1-2 one....i dont have a clue...and what all do i have to take off to get to the transmission? i know that on all of the FWD cars i have worked on the transmission is under the engine but i dont remember seeing it at all. i just need some input on this, i have a pretty good understanding on cars but transmissions are a touchy subject. is it even worth messing with? i payed 400 for the car, about 80 dollars in parts to get it passed emmissions and then like 125 for the tags and title to get in my name. i can scrap it and get most of my money back....so tired of dealing with the bull *smurf* transmission problems....gonna get a motor cycle soon but i still need a car for my mechanic service.

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The 1993 Deville uses the 4T60E transmission, which was used on most GM cars of the time. It should be pretty easy to find a used one. The torque converters varied according to application so be sure and get a Cadillac transmission that was on a 4.9 V8 or you will get the wrong torque converter.

While you have everything down to change the transmission, you can fix the exhaust manifold. That should give you a good car that will take you a long way.

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