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2000 Deville Misfires

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Hello, I have a 2000 Deville (Northstart) when I begin to step on the gas it like hesitate to go. It also has a misfire. I put the car on the machine and it said it was just a spark plug. But when I got my oil change there was oil on the engine. Could it be my coils also. Would that case it to stall and misfire. Please help.


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On the 2000, using a typical aftermarket scan tool or the IPC self diagnostics system will only display a 'random misfire' P0300 code. There are no codes P0301-308 on a 2000 MY.

Using the GM Tech2 scan tool will clearly display which cylinder is misfiring. Problem can be plug, boot, or coil bank. Or...something worse.

Picture of a GM Tech2 showing a obvious misfire on cylinder #6.


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