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Hello. My 1994 Eldorado ETC (4.6 Northstar) was showing a CEL and throwing P094, P095 and P076 codes. I replaced the A and B solenoids, reset the codes and test drove. The P094 and P095 codes are gone and have stayed gone. However, the CEL came back on almost immediately and the P076 code is still there. The car will not shift into third or fourth. It shifts only from first to second. HOWEVER, if I clear the PCM codes and leave the diagnostic function engaged, the car shifts fine. When I take it out of diagnostic mode (pressing defrost) the car immediately goes back into second. I have the pressure solenoid and will put it in, but I got to thinking that there may be an electrical issue I am missing since I can apparently override the "malfunctioning" pressure solenoid by leaving the diagnostic mode engaged. Anyone have any clues? Many thanks in advance!

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P076 (E076) Transmission Pressure Solenoid

P094 (E094) Transaxle Shift "A" Solenoid Problem (Vehicle Speed Sensor)

P095 (E095) Engine Stall Detected

If the P094 didn't come back, check the connector on the VSS (on top of the right hafl-axle) to make sure that you don't have an intermittent. On my car the vent hose for the surge tank drains on top of the VSS and I get a VSS failure if I overfill the coolant, so you might look at that too.

If the P076 is CURRENT and stays CURRENT, I would fix the pressure solenoid before I did anything with the PCM. The diagnostic mode may simply be keeping the module from throwing the code again. Note that this can be an electrical problem such as a problem with the wiring harness or the transmission connector, and you should check that out thoroughly in case that solves the problem without going into the transmission.

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